Twitter Parties

Several weeks ago, if you had asked me  what a ‘Twitter Party’ was, I would have had no idea.  I stumbled across one by mistake, the President’s Choice day long party, and decided to participate.  I had so much fun!  It was amazing to meet new people, learn new tips and recipes, and interact with a ton of different medias, including Chatelaine, Cityline, and Breakfast Television from one coast to another.  There were prizes to be won by interacting and answering questions.  I stayed all day and had a blast!  I was also lucky enough to win a prize!  Now that I know how much fun these parties are, I actually look for some to participate in and enjoy.  I attended one last week hosted by YMC (Yummy Mummy Club), @YMCbuzz, which is a great site from Erica Ehm.  Again, tons of fun!  Tomorrow I am attending a Twitter Party put on by , hosted by .  I am looking so forward to this and have to say, for anyone who has never been to a twitter party, give it a try!  You’ll love it!


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