Anyone who has been blogging for a while will tell you that the content grows and changes with you. When I was pregnant with my son, I was profiling maternity stores. When we were renovating I was profiling home decor shops.

Around the time my son was born in 2011 I started really paying attention to style blogging. I was already supplementing store profiles with some trend collages but style blogging particularly spoke to me at this time in my life because I really didn’t want to fall into the trap of sweat pants and spit up stained tees. Participating in this genre has done great things for my confidence, my closet and my ability to mix a print.

One thing that style blogging has particularly grown my appreciation for is the statement necklace. And I am so pumped to be giving away $50 to shop at Toronto based online retailerJewlz from Lineve. You can see one of their fab necklaces in my Birthday gifs!


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